Cape Cod Ballroom Dancers

Cape Cod Ballroom Dancers (CCBD) was established in January 1996 as a chapter of USA Dance, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of ballroom dancing as an art form, a recreational activity, and an Olympic sport. As a chapter of USA Dance, our mission is to enhance the quality and quantity of ballroom dancing on Cape Cod.
Cape Cod Ballroom Dancers creates opportunities for local ballroom dancers by organizing affordable social dances, dance lessons and workshops. Chapter members offer dance education and live demonstrations in nursing homes, retirement homes, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and other public places, while striving to educate the public regarding the health and social benefits of ballroom dancing.The goal of CCBD is to serve the national mission on a local level as a leader and a motivation for ballroom dance activities for both youth and adults in the community.

Ballroom dances include Swing, Fox Trot, Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, , Rhumba, Salsa, etc. You can sign up for lessons by contacting dance instructors directly. For list of ballroom dance instructors visit our site.