Memory Tails

Welcome to Memory Tails, where you can honor your pet’s memory and story with a beautiful keepsake. To preserve and treasure the loving relationship you once had with your pet, Memory Tails will create a tangible remembrance. A small amount of the cremated remains of your pet are combined with a natural earth clay which is then molded, sculpted, and glazed into a personal tribute to the spirit of your pet. Each Memory Tail is then imprinted with your customized final words and dates which honor the life and love of your best pal. Each keepsake is individually crafted of durable stoneware clay and then high fired in a pottery kiln to make a lasting touchable memorial to your lost companion. You will be a part of the design by choosing from a palate of colors, background shapes, and your personal sentiment. There are also many likenesses or representative shape options to incorporate into the art piece. These keepsakes can fit in the palm of your hand and stay close to your heart. Your friend’s tale is forever.